Commercial Reel 
Film Reel 



featuring both Leah Alfieri ( and myself. 

Ad for NWAR WINE featuring both Leah Alfieri ( and myself. 

Performing my poems "Pen on a Napkin" and "Beauty" at the PIT's first Poetry Slam hosted by Matthew Mitchell. 

See if you can spot me....

hint: I'm walking very slowly with many tissues. I loved getting to clown around with our lovely director Lily Fryburg. 

I had a great time working with Juice Groove Films on ZAGAT's new youtube advertisement. #BadBrunchers

Performing  in Electric Eye Ensemble's 2017 Showcase this year with my original piece "Dragons and Oatmeal", an excerpt from my show BIG BAD WORLD. 

Sarah E. Taylor (writer/director) approached me with an excellent sketch idea one day and soon this DnD tribute was born... 

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