Evelyn Dumont

A Christmas Carol, the radio play!

BAH, HUMBUG. As some would say during this busy time of year. In this lively new version of the classic tale, you'll hear incredible voice-actors work their magic in a whirl of spirit, fright and joy. I had a lovely time working with James Weippert yet again on one of my favorite stories of all time. You'll hear me as Christmas Present and Martha Cratchit. Enjoy the magic and happy holidays!! Direction by James Weippert Produced by James Weippert and Dave Coonan CAST OF CHARACTERS JOHN MADDALONI as Scrooge/Young Scrooge CHRISTOPHER TRINDADE as Grandpa and Belle's Husband LAUREN MELORO as Child EVELYN DUMONT as Christmas Present and Martha Cratchit ALEX AUG as Christmas Past and Ni

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