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Marching Band Season 17

WHAT'S THAT SOUND? COULD IT BE THE SOUND OF A HUNDRED PROUD MARCHING BAND MEMBERS STORMING THE STREETS IN RAINBOW GARB? Marching season starts again for the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Core Marching Band with our new theme: Rise! After playing through the crowds at the Women's March in NYC, and blasting our best tunes at the NETs verus Miami Heat Halftime Show, we look forward to a full line up of even more wonderful events! See our full schedule below! Hope to see you there! Watch us playing in the historical Women's March: https://www.facebook.com/nickmendoza/videos/10155061861876929/ Wednesday, January 25: Half-time Show at the Nets vs. Miami Heat Saturday, May 20: New Hope Celebrates Prid


"Welcome to the Doll Den is a truly beautiful show that instills us with hope for constant progress, and reminds us of the hardship of those who came before." WELCOME TO THE DOLL DEN has received yet another glowing review!!! I am so honored to have been a part of such a wonderful show. "The station’s integrity is tested against a backdrop of rapid social changes and political unease: during a test run of Open Mic, a new program initiated by Frances (Evelyn Dumont), one of the jockettes, a listener calls in with racists comments about the station’s choice of music (in this case Ella Fitzgerald). The disappointed team soon discovers that there’s still a long way to go before the station can r


I have recently had the lovely opportunity to work with Global Scenic Services as a painter for WHIPPED CREAM, American Ballet Theatre's new show. The scenic designer for this show is Mark Ryden. The show will first be going on tour and then will be premiering at the MET in late May. For more about the show, check out the ABT website here. The Scenic Charge was Emily Williams. Please see my Painting Gallery located under the painting tab for more pictures of my work on this show. Mark Ryden gave us a lovely shout-out and video on his Instagram. Check out the video of us painting here!


WILL WOOD AND THE TAPEWORMS "Hand Me My Shovel, I'm Going In" New music video coming soon! Had such a great time working with these guys. Trust me, this video is a fun filled, chaos-driven mardi gras-esque weirdo ball of fun. Brace yourselves! Video directed by Mark Jaworksi!


Our performance of WELCOME TO THE DOLL DEN went up at The Tank as a part of Electric Eye Ensemble's residency with the company. The show was devised by the company as well as performed as a short workshop piece at Dixon Place the previous year. I was honored to be a part of the process for this second run of the piece. The story takes place in Memphis, TN following the rise and fall of WGAL, America's first all-girl radio station in 1955. The show is entirely based on the real lives and station (WHER) which helped shape America and start a movement, but is rarely ever spoken about. We watch the women create their "doll den", bask in their success, and question the world in which they live i

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