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I am overjoyed to announce that I am working with Trinity Rep on the world premiere of BY THE QUEEN by Whitney White. As one of three understudies, we have been at almost every rehearsal collaborating with the entire cast as well as Whitney to shape this play and prepare for its premiere. I am honored to be working on material that uplifts a woman's voice, such as Queen Margaret's, over the humdrum of Shakespeare's men at war in the Henriads. Come see BY THE QUEEN at Trinity Rep in Providence, RI this January and February.

JANUARY 12, 2023 - FEBRUARY 12, 2023

With a Pay What You Can performance on opening night!

Directed by Brian McEleney

Full (amazing) cast and crew listed at the link below.

Both onstage and offstage seating are available (cabaret seating let's go!!!!!).


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