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Theatre is trickling back and I feel so very grateful to be a part of this production of THE WOLVES by Sarah DeLappe. Produced by my alma mater, Adelphi University, this will be their first fully live production since the pandemic began. As an alumni, I was asked back to play the role of Soccer Mom and mentor the acting students, as well as work alongside them. This has already been an incredibly awarding experience and everyone has worked so hard to make sure it is safe for both the actors and the audience.

Maggie Lally (director) has also created a collaboration between the Theatre Department and Athletics Department for the first time ever. The students have trained with the soccer team and both departments are buying tickets to the show and soccer games.

Check out this great article on Broadway World about the collaboration!

Get your ticket now before they sell out!

Shows Oct 5th through Oct 10th

There will be one streaming performance available on Oct 10th.

Adelphi University, Black Box


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