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Listen in as Colleen E. Hughes (Creator/Director) and Emily Rose Prats (Producer) interview me about my

~gender journey~ on the You Sound Like a Girl podcast! It was a blast chatting with these two creators about my relationship to Imposter Syndrome, gender queerness, creativity in self-discovery, pronouns, and more.

I started working with the YSLAG team back in 2018 with a residency at The Dragon's Egg in Mystic, CT which evolved into a workshop production at The Hive in Brooklyn later that fall. It has fittingly taken yet another form as a podcast in these socially distanced times. I highly recommend a listen to not just this episode, but ALL of the incredible people who tune in to share their story.

You can find the episode on their website here (with a TON of links to gender warriors/educators/activists) or on Spotify/Itunes (and more) ---> just scroll to Episode 6!

Stay updated on their work at or check them out on instagram.

And now - what you've all been waiting for- Me as Dragon:

(^^As part of the 2018 workshop of YSLAG in Brooklyn, NY.)


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