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I am happy to announce that I have accepted an offer from Brown University to join their Brown/Trinity MFA Acting graduate program. Apologies for the delay in the announcement; I have been enjoying the last couple of months since receiving the offer quietly celebrating with family and friends. I am overjoyed that I will be a part of the cohort graduating in 2026! The MFA acting audition process is difficult physically, emotionally, and socially. I am so grateful to have had the support of my coaches Jessi D. Hill and Racheal Warren to help me through it, not to mention the support of Sebastian Arboleda's audition class shortly before the audition process began (I highly recommend working with ANY of these coaches for your auditions, grad school or otherwise).

It would not have been financially possible to audition for graduate school at all without receiving the Opportunity Grant from Rhode Island State Council on the Arts! Auditioning for grad school is incredibly expensive: coaching is an expensive priority, the time you have to set aside from work to prepare, the application costs, and the travel to and from auditions, to name a few. Without the help of this grant, it would've been very difficult for me to pay for the necessary coaching in preparation for graduate school auditions.

I hope, in the future, opportunities like auditioning for graduate school will be made more accessible for folks of all classes and financial backgrounds.

I'm looking forward to expanding my craft over the next three years; see you in the fall, Brown University!

Sebastian Arboleda's acting studio: IG @ironbutterfly

Artists in RI, check out grants here! >>>


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