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I'm proud to announce that two films I have had the pleasure of working on are running in two different film festivals.

The first is PHOSPHENE directed by Bryan Ribeiro. It has been accepted and is streaming at Yofifest, a New York based film festival. I am so proud to have been a part of this film. You can buy tickets to view the film (plus 5 other films included in your ticket) here. You can also cast an audience vote!

The Plot:

Bernardo and Susan deal with drug-induced magical powers as they manage the anxieties of being artists; a homeless musician looking for an audience and a former painter trying find to confidence and a muse.

Check out the IMDB page for full cast/crew and info.

The second film is a short called THE EXCLUSIVE, written by Kyle A. Smith and produced by Stephen Zuccaro, Kyle A. Smith, and myself. We're very proud that this film so out and about in the world as it has been accepted into the International Shorts Film Festival!! Check out the twitter announcement here.

The Plot:

A non-synchronous news team gets the chance to interview a politician and author, who may not be as in touch with himself as he imagines. Much is revealed.

IMDB page here.

Stay tuned with how to watch and support!


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