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Upcoming work...

THIS THURSDAY you can see me in a reading of a new play by Florence Wallis and directed by Jamario Stills. The name of the play is EBIH, an experimental piece based on 5000 year old Mesopotamian texts about ecological disaster. There will be music, lights, and projection - come check it out! At AS220's black box in Providence, Thursday May 12th at 730pm. The price is $5-20 (free with a Brown ID).

You can also catch me a in a couple upcoming film projects:

I will be playing Professor Sophie Muller in a new MIT produced film about discussing the ethics of AI. The film will be made accessible for free after it is released to demonstrate what a conversation about AI bias would look like. Looking forward to working with all of my future students!

I will continue working with Axon Communications in filming b-roll footage for them. In the past I have played a nurse in a doctor's office and will now be playing a woman with asthma. They are always so pleasant and professional to work with - see you on set again soon!

I will be able to provide more info soon about an upcoming role I have in a short, filming this June. Stay tuned!


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