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Poetry and Dragons!

This last weekend I performed in the PIT's first ever Poetry Slam, hosted by Matthew Mitchell! It was a blast and an honor to share a stage with the other bold poets around me.

Check out the tape of me performing my two poems "Pen on a Napkin" and "Beauty" here:

I also had the privilege of performing in Electric Eye Ensemble's 2017 Showcase this year. I performed my original piece "Dragons and Oatmeal", which I aim to shape into a larger work at Barn Arts Collective this summer as a part of their Hamilton Residency. See a sneakpeak of the work here:

I also performed in a piece called EARTHRISE, directed by Sarah Plotkin and created by Leah Ogawa, Ashley Winkfield, Joshua Langman, and myself. In this devised short piece we aimed to recreate the awe that sparked the Green Movement in 1968 when the first picture of the Earth was taken from space by the astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission.

If you missed it, you're in luck! We are performing the piece once again at Sarah After Hours, Dixon Place, at 7pm! There will be many other artists there sharing their exciting work so don't miss it!


I will be performing in A STRAIGHT PLAY by Sarah Taylor at The PIT March 17 at 8pm and March 22nd at 7pm! Mark your calendars for a look at what it would be like to be a teenager in love speaking to her gay parents about her boyfriend in a world where being straight is being the odd man out.

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