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I've been trying to keep in practice and support other artists as much as possible during these difficult times. The Shelter is one theatre company that has always done an excellent job at supporting artists. Every Sunday they are doing virtual readings of new work as well as Monday Monologue jams. You can catch my work in the last one (theme: Escapism) here or on @theshelternyc IG page. Please take a moment to support art in your community. Most of us are out of work and need your support now more than ever.

Speaking of organizations that need our support right now, check out this BEAUTIFUL ad for Planned Parenthood that I am honored to be a part of (yes I'm lucky enough to be a part of ANOTHER Planned Parenthood ad!). A couple of years ago, two strangers asked if they could come into my house and film me as they ask me personal questions about sex....and I said COME ON OVER. I believe it is very important for all of us to not only talk more openly about sex to demystify it but to also create more awareness for reproductive health. There are frightening similarities to the information we had a hundred years ago and the information we have now. I would like to amend the famous saying just a bit: My body, my choice, and my hope. And my hope is that we will have furthered research and improved healthcare for reproductive health care.

Donate to Planned Parenthood here.

Thank you to Matthew Echelman, Tatiana Baccari, and Eek Media for your work.

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