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New Rep, New Gigs, and more!


First and foremost, I am thrilled to announce that I am now being represented by

Darlene Sweeney at WSM Talent in Boston/NYC.

For more about WSM, check out their site here.


Industrial for Kantola

This was the second time I was hired to act remotely and it was an absolute delight. Everyone at Kantola was pleasant and professional. I loved working on the character Lorraine for this Work Safe During COVID training video and would gladly work for Kantola again.

Treasure Island

Arrrgggg, matey. I was glad to work with Public Domain Players once again for their latest radio play TREASURE ISLAND, an adaptation by James Weippert from the original tale by Robert Louis Stevenson. I play the role of Morgan, a rough n' tumble pirate on board The Hispaniola. Available to listen to now! Click here: ARRRRHHHHHG (IG: @publicdomainplayers)


I've been CLOWNING around with CHRIS BAYES at The Pandemonium Studio during quarantine. We laughed, we cried, we were pretty little flowers. It was a wild and beautiful two weeks with a wonderful bunch of clowns on zoom. I'm proud to announce my clown name: BOOMER! I look forward to continue our practice at our reunion mid July.

I've also had the pleasure of working with Brette Goldstein and Devin Shacket in acting for film classes. The work continues!


The short film AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, which luckily wrapped right before the pandemic, is in its last stages of editing! We three producers (Stephen Zuccaro, Kyle Anthony Smith and myself) are very excited to release it to the public soon. Stay tuned!

Check out this new monologue LUCKY LARRY for the Shelter's Monologue Jam (theme: proposal), written by Mary Beth Maslowski. For those who don't believe that I am often cast as old men, take a look! See it below or on The Shelter's IG: @theshelternyc

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