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This wonderfully beautiful devised piece goes up at Theater for the New City as a part of their Dream Up Festival on the following dates: Thursday, September 17th 6:30 PM, Friday - September 18 - 9pm, Saturday - September 19 - 2pm, Saturday - September 19 - 8pm, Sunday - September 20 - 2pm, and Sunday - September 20 - 8pm.

Directed by Natanya Ruth Silverman and performed by Priscilla Gómez, Inge Crafford-Lazarus, Deychen Volino-Gyetsa, Evelyn Dumont, Emily Briggs, Leah Bastacky, and Catherine Restivo. Written and choreographed by The Clearing.

The synopsis written from the director herself:

"The Clearing's hOMAge explores a woman's break from the inherited trauma of the past for the sake of fearless, self-affirming creation.hOMAge, an original, devised ensemble piece, finds its inspiration in the letters and poetry of Hella Kurth, the director’s “Oma” (German for grandmother), a World War II and cancer survivor, who was never at a loss for words when it came to describing the beautiful struggle inherent in a meaningful life. A yoga practitioner for over 50 years, Oma reminds us to look to nature and to the past for the inspiration to be your most expressive and generous self."

Get your tickets now at:

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