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Magic in Maine, then adventure in the Adirondacks!

I am happy to announce that I am enjoying an artist residency of my dreams up in Maine at Barn Arts Collective. In Tremont, Maine, next door to Bass Harbor, Barn Arts has created an incredible community where art can thrive and people are encouraged to make discoveries. As part of the 9th Hamilton Residency, me and eight other incredible artists are up for 10 days creating individual, unique pieces. Excerpts of each piece will be presented this Saturday July 13th at 5pm.

The piece I will be presenting is a new work of mine called BIG BAD WORLD that aims to create an open-eyed and open-hearted perspective in the genderful and genderless world we live in as adults, children, and everything in between.

Come out to Mount Desert Island and enjoy some good theatre and hearty nature!

We made the local news! Check it out here.

You can see the Facebook event here.

And here is more information about the magic that is Barn Arts Collective.

Directly after I leave barn arts this upcoming Sunday, I will be traveling back to the Adirondacks to join the Adirondack Shakespeare Company for their summer season!

Join us as we perform Shakespeare's Alls Well That Ends Well, Winter's Tale, and our children's show Thor!

Our season runs July 20th-Aug6.

Click here for more about the company and our calendar of events!

Hope to see you in the woods or on the bay for some theatre adventures!

In other news... Check out this cast interview led by fellow artist/collaborator James Weippert. Subscribe to the podcast The Rose Hill Diaries for more!

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